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This morning you will find that the For Sale notices have been taken down at Formula 1 Sport and the site is back to its normal self. The owner, Kenneth, and I have been talking and we have come to an agreement that I will continue the news and commentary side of the site while he retains the technical aspects. F1 Sport effectively becomes Insight's news arm, therefore.

Formula 1 Sport

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement; Kenneth was finding it difficult to keep up with the flow of news since he has many other sites as well - and I have spare writing capacity.

Naturally, we have ideas on how to take the site forward but these will take a while to put into place. For the moment, we will continue to provide F1 news as it breaks, but in the coming weeks there will be additions and tweaks to make the site even better. Yes, we're going up against the big news boys (something I advised against in my previous post) but we will change the emphasis slightly to give us features that they can't provide.

So keep an eye on F1 Sport - it's going to be an exciting time of innovation and change. You can be a part of that too!


Interesting stuff Clive - congrats on the new job ;)

You are going to be a busy chap! Good luck with taking on the big boys, remember David won in the end!
Date Added: 23/08/2007

Thanks, Craig. And David is our role model! ;)
Date Added: 23/08/2007

Can I make a little suggestion?

It's nothing major, but in the Translate section would it not make more sense to have a Britich or English flag for the option to translate to English? I know the market for the site is perhaps predominately American, but I'm sure they'll work it out lol.

Date Added: 23/08/2007

I've never noticed that before, Craig - you're right! But I guess it's one of those things where we have to bow to the will of the majority. And American English has won the battle, I think. At least we can still understand one another. ;)

There may be an option for British English (with appropriate flag), however, and then we could have both. I'll have a look when I've got a moment. Just tell me one thing: why would anyone want to translate a site written in English into... ummm... English?
Date Added: 23/08/2007

Alianora La Canta
I'm not sure that either version of English has won the battle so much as their respective vocabularies have combined into one language, with each sides accepting the synonymous terms of the other - a draw, if you like. Most of the sites I've seen use British English, but that's because they're... ...British. Since is an American site, the American flag for translation makes perfect sense.

I like the site (looked at it for the first time today), and have added it to my bookmarks. Best of luck in the fight - and rest assured that there is a niche very well suited to independent F1 news reporting.
Date Added: 24/08/2007

Thank you, Alianora, your good wishes are much appreciated.

You are quite right about there being a friendly draw between British and American English. It keeps me on my toes at least, since I have opted for American spelling in my posts but I try to use the spelling in replying to any comments - if I know the nationality of the commenter, of course!
Date Added: 24/08/2007

Number 38
Congrates from the old goat , Clive.
I've never heard of the site but with you on the payroll I'm sure it will be worth the visit each time!
Date Added: 25/08/2007

Thank you, Number 38 - your good wishes are much appreciated. The owner and I have been talking a lot over the last few days and we have some exciting plans for taking the site forward. And many of those plans focus on the problem you inadvertently highlight in your comment - the site's visibility. Hopefully, it will become much better known in the future!
Date Added: 25/08/2007

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