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Formula1Sport dot net Up For Sale
I see that the owner has put up the blog, Formula 1 Sport, for sale; well, the domain, that is, which amounts to the same thing. That saddens me since it was one of my regular ports of call every day.

Sakon Yamamoto
In amongst the big boys - Sakon Yamamoto

It was the only blog (that I know of) in direct competition with the dedicated F1 news sites and I thought it did a pretty good job. There were several occasions that it beat them to the punch and had news items that were not covered elsewhere. Apart from that, it was the little guy up against the big, established news sites and that was bound to have me rooting for it - I love an underdog!

So I'm sorry to see it go but I guess that is the way of the world. It's compete or die if you go up against the big boys.


Dan M
I would be hurting too if I didn't have any income (in this case through web traffic) for this three week 'vacation'.
Date Added: 22/08/2007

Sorry I'm late in getting to this, Dan - I've had one of those days when other business kept me from the computer completely. Actually, the three week break isn't that bad for the F1 sites; as long as they can think of something to post, hungry F1 fans will devour it.

But I have some good news regarding Formula 1 Sport which I'll announce tomorrow (no, I'm not buying it). Watch this space!
Date Added: 23/08/2007

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