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Waiting for a Verdict
With the hearing on the Ferrari documents affair taking place before the World Motor Sport Council in Paris today, it has been hard for F1 enthusiasts to think of anything else. So much depends upon the decisions to be made in that court that I have been as distracted from other matters as everyone else.

Ron Dennis
McLaren boss, Ron Dennis

The situation is not helped by further apparent leaks of the Coughlan affidavit, this time in a British newspaper, as reported by Pitpass. But it is Pitpass too that is first with a snippet of news from Paris. According to their brief report, McLaren have been found to be in breach of article 151c of the International Sporting Code but it has not been proved that information from the documents was used by the team.

As a result, no penalty has been imposed, although the WMSC have reserved the right to re-open the matter if necessary. And the focus now switches back to Coughlan and Stepney, with them being "invited" to show why they should not be banned from motor sport.

I think F1 must heave a collective sigh of relief that the matter has not interfered with the progress of what is turning out to be a fascinating season. Had there been penalties in terms of race suspensions or points docked, the current needle match for the championship between four drivers would have been completely destroyed.

So we can get back to racing again. I wonder how testing is going in Jerez and Mugello today...?


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