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Kielbasa and Kubica

I think it's Poland's revenge. That kielbasa last night has made me so queasy I cannot get excited even about the latest nonsense from Bernie Ecclestone. And as for his arrogant statement that he does not read motor sports magazines, thereby demonstrating his complete disregard for the views of anyone else, well, I hardly need to add a word.

Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica in the BMW F1.09

So I'm taking the day off to reflect upon my ill-advised caution regarding Robert Kubica's talent. Nothing personal, honest, Poland.



This is God's way of telling you to eat Italian Sausage instead and become a fan of team Ferrari!

About are right, he has successfully said it all himself. Both with his words (chuckle, chuckle) and his actions (eyes rolling).

I think Kubica is plenty talented, maybe not quite as much as Vettel. But, it is so hard to compare talents in F1 because one can not remove the car element. He seemed faster then Quick Nick last year in the same car.
Date Added: 21/01/2009

Nick Goodspeed
I wonder if there is a section of the Concorde agreement about deposing senile misers?
I wonder if there is anythig in the Concorde agreement about doing away with impostors masquerading as engineers, who make up rules?

Date Added: 21/01/2009

aw, give poor kubi a break, he's probably just a manga fan.

i've noticed in all the hot air blowing from max and bernie's perptual wind machine (can they not harness that power for something?) neither of them propose they pare down their personal take of the f1 cash cow.

Date Added: 21/01/2009

Breaking News!
Another Sex Scandal set to rock F1!
According to the BBC website under"F1 Boss wants Massa to win title"

"Ecclestone denied he was in Maddona to smooth tensions with Ferrari President Luca di Montezemelo..........."
I can't make up my mind who I would be more disappointed in, but if it helped get rid of the poisoned dwarf wouldn't it be great if it were more than just a typo error?
Date Added: 22/01/2009

Aracer: Many years ago I knew a German lady who taught me the delights of German cooking, including the amazing German sausage. Since then, I have investigated many variations on the theme, including both Polish and Italian offerings, and have come to the conclusion that these exotic things are all very well but it's the humble British pork sausage that is my true home. Bangers and mash, oh, how I miss you!

As for Kubica, I would have agreed with you were it not for the sudden reversal in fortunes between him and Heidfeld at the end of 2008. I think that is one contest we have yet to see resolved either way.
Date Added: 22/01/2009

Nick: I don't think there are such clauses as yet but it might be as well to bear them in mind for the next agreement.
Date Added: 22/01/2009

Vera: What, Bernie take a pay cut? Surely that must be close to heresy...?
Date Added: 22/01/2009

Chrisess: Perhaps Slavica hired a private eye to get the dirty on Bernie and so make sure the divorce goes well...
Date Added: 22/01/2009

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