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The BMW F1.09 Revealed

With BMW's presentation of the F1.09 today, we reach the end of the rash of new cars for the moment. Force India are busily adjusting their design to fit with McLaren mechanicals, Honda await their ultimate fate and Red Bull/Toro Rosso are heading for a late launch. Not much has changed on the new Beemer compared to the interim model, apart from the fact that it looks more familiar now that we have seen designs from the other teams. There are some different approaches but, in general, the F1.09 adheres to the new standard for 2009.

BMW F1.09
BMW-Sauber F1.09

I have to admit that the Beemer is no longer the prettiest car on the grid - but it was losing that accolade throughout last season as more and more add-ons cluttered its outline. The new car is at least clean and unfussy which offsets to some extent the uninspiring broad nose and the girder-like endplates to the front wing.

Like most of the other teams, BMW cannot resist inserting the occasional add-on where possible. They have dropped bargeboards completely but under the nose can be seen fences similar to Renault's (but without the ugly box just ahead of them). Sidepods are high and wider than most, perhaps because the car has KERS installed - although this may not be used in Melbourne, the team now conforming with the rest in doubting that their system will be ready by then.

No tremendous surprises from BMW, then, and it seems that the regulation changes have forced all the teams to go down similar routes rather than encouraged innovation and experiment. That is in line with Mosley's drive towards standardization and I suppose we should not be amazed that the cars begin to look so much alike.

BMWs F1.09 and F1.08
BMW-Sauber F1.09 and F1.08

Interestingly, BMW have published a photo of the F1.09 next to its predecessor; this allows us to compare them quite closely and to realize just how far-reaching the regulation changes have been. The 2008 cars are already beginning to look very complex and ornate in comparison to the basic shapes revealed for this season. On the whole, I have to approve of this - after all, we have been calling for a long time for limits to be put on the aerodynamic influences on F1 cars. If the overtaking does not become a lot easier this year, we are all going to look a bit silly...


Call the Authorities!

BMW broke into the Williams team headquarters and stole the nose off the 2004 Williams!
Date Added: 20/01/2009

Hehehe, they do look similar, don't they?
Date Added: 20/01/2009

I cant bite my lip any longer, the front looks like a Lawnmower, and the rear looks like where the cuttings are collected. I`am lost for words when I think of the Car travelling the curbs, let alone fighting for first into the first corner, I think SR mentioned the Pit Stop overtime that was coming to the crew many blogs ago ;-) .
Date Added: 20/01/2009

Pink Peril
Best thing about the photo comparing the two cars?

How good do the slicks look alongside the grooved tyres?
For that alone, the 2009 spec cars get my vote.
Date Added: 21/01/2009

Gusto: Yes, there have been concerns expressed regarding the wide front wing and increased dangers of collisions as a result. I think we have to wait and see what happens, however.

No need to bite your lip, however - you are entitled to your opinion as anyone else, especially when it comes to the look of the cars. the world would be a sorry place if we never disagreed on anything!
Date Added: 21/01/2009

Peril: Yeah, the slicks are almost an unfair advantage to the 2009 cars.
Date Added: 21/01/2009

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