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Max Plays for Time

To my amazement, everyone seems to be taking seriously Max's announcement of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the FIA. The moment I heard of this, I knew it was just a case of Max playing for time, hoping that the fuss would die down in the meantime. But the great Alianora la Canta has been on the case and discovered the truth of the matter. This is what she reports:

"I've looked in the Statutes covering this situation and the meeting has to take place between 35 days and six weeks (i.e. 42 days) of the announcement. Prepare for fireworks in the second or third week of May.

The thing is, unless Max puts it on the agenda, someone else will have to issue a counter-Extraordinary General Assembly to unseat him by force. In theory, that can be done at any time, but if the Assembly is waiting for Max's version of events in case he might have a good excuse (not that I can imagine such an excuse existing, but hope springs eternal...), then we will be waiting until July, possibly later, before Max is forcibly removed."

That is just not good enough. The manufacturers have called for an immediate response from the FIA and instead have been fobbed off with a ploy. Let it be known that we are not fooled for a moment. The manufacturers, team bosses and all other interested parties must issue a demand that Max resign now.


Alianora La Canta
Thanks, Clive! There is one more thing to add though, which makes Max look even worse - to call an Extraordinary General Meeting with the intention of forcibly unseating Max, one of the World Councils (either Motor Sport or Touring) has to meet and recommend that course of action. Can anyone spot the power-chaser-at-all-costs yet?

Now that the vacuum is being filled, it's possible to start doing comments based on known fact rather than just educated guesses. This can only be a good thing for us - and probably only a bad thing for Max.

Date Added: 03/04/2008

Absolutely, Alianora, and I am indebted to you for your dedication in digging out the relevant articles from the labyrinthine FIA rulebook. I suspect that it is made as complex as it is with the express purpose of being a closed book to most motor sport fans. The more we understand about the functioning of the FIA, the more clearly we see how Max has entrenched his position.
Date Added: 03/04/2008

Pink Peril
I can already hear his fingernails scratching along the doorjamb as they try and pry him out of office.

Perhaps he would consider moving to Cuba, or Zimbabwe?
They are short on dictators currently ;)
Date Added: 03/04/2008

Yes, Max will fight to the last, I don't doubt it. But I think he has lost this one already. He just can't see it yet.
Date Added: 04/04/2008

Alianora La Canta
Yes, Pink Peril, I suppose that would be one way of finally getting rid of Robert Mugabe... ...I'm sure Max Mosley could prise his way into the Zimbabwean presidency if he put his mind to it, despite not actually putting his name forward for the election. Not that the Zimbabwean people are likely to be especially impressed with Max either, but at least Max doesn't kill people... ...yet.

More seriously, the time for him to "retire to the beach with a good book" (as he quoted himself as wanting to do after his original resignation in 2004). Maybe several good books, since I hear he enjoys substantial non-fiction.
Date Added: 04/04/2008

Björn Svensson
You are one productive gentleman, Clive. Two posts while i took a nap and then was at work.

How the heck are i supposed to keep up with that.

Just a note, i have gotten a first reply from the European Commission about the letter i wrote to them, saying they will try to get back to me in a couple of days.

After reading what BBC wrote in their news on the matter of Max, things are really looking grim for the man.
And then reading the reply Max did, on his own, and without any lawyers it seems, he must be more or less in total panic. The way he wrote in that reply, i can not see that as more than an outright insult to the teams who wanted FIA to consider what to do with Max.

He is really becoming a hefty load for the club now, and i would really be amazed if he manages to remain in his position. Yes, i call it a club, because that is how i see it. A club of aged men without a clear purpose other than put a stick in the wheel of those who love racing.

Well, maybe not all of them. But considering how FIA works, all of it self and without input from the teams before doing any adjustments or changes, in can not do anything else that dislike the whole assembly.

It should not be necessary for them to make small steps backwards every time something new is introduced. And that could easily be evaded if they just used a little more democracy.

But for the moment all we have to do, is keep our fingers crossed, and hope for a good replacement to Max. He is gone.
Date Added: 04/04/2008

Pink Peril
I think you guys will find this article interesting

Veeeery interesting indeed
Date Added: 04/04/2008

Alex Andronov
@Pink Peril

A very interesting article indeed!
Date Added: 04/04/2008

Well, that's from Tom Rubython, so take it with a grain of salt. A whole rock of salt, even!
Date Added: 04/04/2008

I had not intended to do two posts on one day but, when I heard of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the FIA and how long it would be before it could convene, I felt that this should be explained to interested readers immediately.

You're right, Björn, Max cannot survive this one. The matter if his replacement is interesting and might be quite far-reaching.

For the moment, however, it remains to watch Max struggling to hang on to power.
Date Added: 04/04/2008

Thanks for that, Peril - most interesting, just as you say. It is by Tom Rubython, however, and, as Journeyer says, should not be taken as complete truth therefore. Tom is very entertaining but is known to invent stuff occasionally. And he's totally wrong about the WMSC McLaren hearings too!
Date Added: 04/04/2008

Even with a bit of exageration, the story is revealing and fascinating. I learned a lot from it. Thanks, Pink.
Date Added: 04/04/2008

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