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Some of my readers have been asking about RSS feeds to the F1 Insight blog and I am happy to announce that they have been implemented today (Saturday). Not only is a feed provided to the posts (bottom of the page - the button labeled "XML RSS"), but a similar system is provided on each comment page so that you can be notified of any responses to your comments. My thanks to Mad for getting to it so quickly.

1985 Minardi
An entirely gratuitous photo of a 1985 Minardi

Mad is also working on putting up the extra pages as I write, so more of the buttons on the left may be working by now. Thanks for sticking with me while we get this show up to speed (now I know how Honda have felt this season)!


Dan M
Amazing run by Hiedfeld.... Its funny how fast people are when there looking for a contract. Speaking of contracts, after a showing like that from Hammy, how bulletproof do you think that 500k/yr contract is? and do you think that last little slow down by Alonzo on his final quick lap was more of an appeasment move ordered by the team? If Alonzo is that much faster it should show in the race, so giving up the pole shouldnt be that big a deal.

As for Kimi, well everyone has been saying he isnt a technical driver, this is where it seems to be evident. As there year goes on all the other teams to be making bigger leaps in preformance then the Ferrari team. Maybe by the end of the year we may see BMW become a bigger competitor the McLearen.
Date Added: 09/06/2007

Gone Away
Heidfeld has been like a man with a bomb lit underneath him ever since Kubica arrived in the race team. Maybe the competition was just what he needed. But I don't think he needs to worry about his seat for next year - BMW would be foolish to drop him.

To me, it seems that McLaren are extremely even-handed with their drivers, never giving preferential treatment or preventing competition when it doesn't hurt the team. They are just so efficient that I can't imagine them giving out orders as to who finishes where. So I don't think Alonso's last lap was anything other than it looked - a brilliant first two sectors followed by a mistake in the last. The race might be interesting if Hamilton gets into the lead from the start. We might see the reverse of Monaco in that case...

As for Ferrari, it's only a suspicion but it looks to me as though they are beginning to suffer from the departure of key personnel at the end of last year. If the apparent slow down in their development continues, BMW and others could catch and pass them before long. And maybe that is just what Kimi needs to get him fired up (see my next post)...
Date Added: 09/06/2007

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