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Fuji Qualifying - or Not
SpeedTV has let me down a little for the Qualifying sessions in Japan; I don't get to see them until this afternoon. All the European sites have their reports up already, of course, so there's little for me to do but suggest you look at Grand Prix dot com since they are the only ones to point out that Vettel's performance was thanks to being on wet settings, while Liuzzi was on dry.

Jenson Button
Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello

When it comes to the race, however, I'm in the driving seat. SpeedTV are showing it live at midnight and I am sorely tempted to watch it and then write a report in the small hours of Sunday morning. I doubt I'll beat Keith Collantine's F1 Fanatic to the draw but second place would do me fine. Yes, I think I'll give it a try.

It leaves me with little to say today, however, especially as I have been out and about in my capacity as the Scott Speed Fan Club, writing scathing comments on blogs that dare to suggest that Vettel's performance today was proof that Scott was "out of his depth" in F1. Can't let them get away with that, you know.

A short one today, therefore, but the prospect of a wet race to look forward to. Go Jenson!


Alianora La Canta
Sounds like a cool idea, Clive. I have to say Vettel looked very good today, but since Speed never found himself in a wet qualifying session, the comparisons between them are a tad premature...

Wet race sounds cool, as long as they remember to wait till the medical helicopter can fly. I feel really uneasy about the idea that they ran qualifying without it...
Date Added: 29/09/2007

FIA inconsistency again, Alianora. One minute something is far too dangerous for the cars to run, the next, special dispensations are handed out. And it's the inconsistency more than anything else that demonstrates their inability to run the sport.
Date Added: 29/09/2007

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