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Testing Times at Monza
One of the things I like about Pitpass is that they put the times of all test days together at the end. Even though conditions on different days can vary, thus affecting lap times, this still gives an overall view that is more useful than a single day's times.

Kimi Raikkonen

Judging by that view on the Monza test, McLaren are looking very strong, with three of the fastest times for the four days. Although Massa managed the third fastest time, this was on the the last day of the test and he was beaten by Pedro de la Rosa, perhaps not the quickest of the Mclaren drivers. Lap times at tests are dependent very much on what each team happens to be doing but, even so, Ferrari must be a little worried at the pace of their rivals.

That would include BMW, the German/Swiss team looking very good throughout the test and claiming fifth and sixth fastest, ahead of Kimi Raikkonen's best time. It looks as though Heidfeld and Kubica will be fighting for podium spots next weekend.

Toyota were next up and the last of the teams to get both their cars into the quick lap times. The Renault drivers were split by considerable time differences, although this is explained by the luck of the draw; Wednesday and Friday were quick days, Tuesday and Thursday were slow. Rosberg was the faster of the Williams drivers but not by much.

The remaining teams were more or less where we would expect and it seems that it will be business as usual for them next Saturday. We are left wondering just how much significance all this has for the coming Italian Grand Prix.

This is Monza, of course, and Ferrari will be expected to put on a better show than in this test. Just the collective will power of the assembled tifosi should be worth a few tenths of a second to the Italian team and they may have a few aces up their sleeve yet. But there is no doubt that McLaren are still in there punching and cannot be discounted. If I were forced to make a prediction, I think I would have to go for Alonso as the winner.

Any big surprises are almost bound to come from the BMW team. They are quick enough to get amongst the top two at this circuit and I can see either Heidfeld or Kubica grabbing third place at the end. Thinking about it, I am tempted to go for Kubica as the one to do it, if only because he is about due for a really good finish, but common sense insists that Nick is the wiser bet.

I'll not make any definite predictions, however. Experience has taught me that I have the Murray Walker touch and any driver tipped by me is bound to suffer disaster in the race. What I will say is that this should be a fine race, something to repay us for the boredom of Istanbul. Monza is a wonderful circuit, steeped in history and memories of great races; surely it must deliver yet again.


I for sure agree on the murray walker touch!! :) Someone predicted JB for world title this year......... :D
Date Added: 02/09/2007

Hahahah, don't remind me, Uppili! So now we know what went wrong with Honda - it was me all along! :D
Date Added: 02/09/2007

Kubica was on the podium in Monza last year. Bad timing for him though as all after race talk was about the big Schumi retirement, so many have already forgotten

Monza is more about speed and power, less about aero, so here it is where BMWs should be closer to Fs and Macs than on any other track
Date Added: 03/09/2007

Yes, it's the BMW's favorite circuit, Milos. Maybe both of their drivers will be on the podium! I think that would take a couple of retirements amongst the top four, however.
Date Added: 03/09/2007

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