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Welcome to F1 Insight, the blog that gathers up over forty years of watching F1 and bundles it into a neat little package for your enjoyment!

Honda RA107
Pre-season Honda RA107

You will notice that it doesn't look like the standard Blogger, WordPress or Typepad blog - that's because it's built entirely by my son, Mad, a web developer in England. It has a few differences from the norm in operation as a result, some because those features haven't been turned on yet, some because we like it that way (and just a few that Mad hasn't had the time to design yet). But the basics work, so I can post and you can comment. Of the buttons to the left, only Home, Contact, MadTV and Gone Away lead anywhere at the moment, but the others will be made operational within the next week or so.

That's about it except for one little oddity that you won't notice yet but that has been introduced deliberately - Scott Speed has been given a Category all of his own. This is because I have decided to point out his achievements in an attempt to counteract the usual opinion: the only thing wrong with Toro Rosso is the choice of drivers.

I first started watching Scott as a salute to the States, where I now live. Before that decision, I knew nothing about him but some digging into statistics revealed a surprising fact - he improved steadily during his first year to the point where he was consistently faster than his team mate, Vitantonio Liuzzi, in the second half of 2006. And Liuzzi is no slouch, having demonstrated surprising speed in his early races in F1.

This year, Scott has had some awful luck to begin with but is now beginning to post times and results that are better than our assessment of the car. I am forced to the conclusion that he is much better than we had thought and does not deserve the casual dismissal so often meted out to him. So I will trumpet those occasions when he does well and excuse him when he fails.

Not that this is becoming a fan site. It's just that I'm giving you fair warning that I will post on Scott Speed quite often, although I will try to provide an extra post on such days for those who don't want to know (Haplo!).

But enough on the blog itself - let's get to the main point: the glorious, extravagant sport that is F1!


Björn Svensson
You're welcome Clive.
Comments on Scott Speed might not always be taken in open hands, but also can see what talent he's of with.

I do think that he deserves a much better team than Toro Rosso. I would really like to see Scott drive a Toyota or an Williams, those are cars that could really make his potential shine through.

And since you're up and runnung, you could also ad another column on Heiki Covalainen vs. Nelson Piquet jr. since there seem to have begun a nice little dispute there that could provide some good humour to the column.

And since there's not much new to the look's and feel of this new blog, compared to the one called "Gone Away", i will let it bee with just thank you for the job done to keep us F1-fans up to date on both historical and precent F1-facts and happenings.

I wish you good luck in the future, and promise i will be back soon again.

(i wou'nt even comment on your sayings about the environment, i believe we have had that discussion before)
Date Added: 06/06/2007

Gone Away
Yes, I believe that Scott Speed deserves a better car than the Toro Rosso has been so far. But it looks as though it's getting better and perhaps we'll see just how good the man is later in the season.

The Kovalainen/Piquet battle is warming up nicely indeed. Personally, I think Piquet is the quicker of the two but it's hard to tell until we've seen him race in F1. He's certainly shouting enough about having a race seat next year, however!

Thanks for the good wishes, Björn (and yes, we've had our little environmental discussion before so no need to run over old ground - I'll try to avoid the subject as much as I can). :)
Date Added: 06/06/2007

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