Links recommended by Mad.

My online CV: A snapshot of me for employers
The Fastest Lap: Great motorsport coverage from Neil.
K' Tel Tour The World K' and Tell have left everything behind to wander the world!
Crocodile Tears Keeefs Blog!
Hinkybox: Josh, the good guy who opened my eyes to CSS
CodeBehind: Ben's development site, full of webby goodness.
The Baron in Winter I'm not the only nutter riding a bike in winter.
Musings of an intrepid commuter. Dan Bateman rides a Pan to work.
From the edge of the swamp: Sublime writing
Whole lot of Nothing: Well designed blog
Forget Foo: Foo's site is always changing
Art Eye: Lovely Flash site
CSS Zen Garden: I love this site!
W3 Schools: The first stop on the road to learning web development
Accesify: Accessibility information
Alazanto: Beautiful personal site
Andy Budd: Brit designer
Cameron Moll: Great design
CSS Vault: CSS resource site
Web standards and awards: Nice, more recognition for web standards
Agile Data Org: It's not pretty but it's worth reading
Carl De keyzer: Amazing photgraphy
Design Dojo: Design discussions
REH3: More interesting discussions
Digital Web: Digital web magazine
SMIDSY: Sorry mate I didn't see you
Ephemera: Images to inspire
A Scooter in the sticks: Steve and his Vespa.
Sarcasmo's corner: Great blogger
Beginners Guide to biking

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