New Lyle Lovett Album
Occasionally my musical tastes seem to run in unrelated directions but I can't help that. Although I may be brimming with enthusiasm over some new indie band one day, the next I could be scouting down live cuts from Stevie Ray Vaughn or enjoying some swing and big band music from the 40s.

Lyle Lovett

Speaking of big bands, Lyle Lovett and his Large Band have a new release due out August 28. The album is appropriately titled It's Not Big, It's Large. It will convey more of the sound of a concert than a regular studio album as all the tracks were recorded live by Lovett and the band. Ten of the twelve tracks were written by Lovett. One track, Tickle Toe by Lester Young is a song that Lovett and the band have played over the years in concert.

Lyle Lovett is an acquired taste, he skirts the edges of so many musical styles and genres - country, big band, blues, jazz - you may find it hard to classify him the first couple of times you listen. But his versatility and refusal to be pigeon-holed into one genre is part of his genius. The bottom line is: Lyle Lovett is cool. Weird at times, hauntingly romantic at times, but always cool.

While you wait for the new album to come out in a few weeks, go ahead and satisfy your curiosity with a few samples:

Here I Am One of my absolute favorites.

In My Own Mind A journey through the mind of Lyle Lovett.

Don't Touch My Hat A more country side of Lyle.

Album cover

You can pre-order It's Not Big, It's Large at


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