The Ting Tings

Occasionally agents send us news and samples of the artists they're working for; we listen and, if we feel there's something to say, might post an article on them. As you can tell, we have had little to say for a while (mostly through busy-ness in other places) and, when Andrea passed across a URL with the advice that I'd like it, it was hard to raise some enthusiasm.

The Ting Ting Tings
The Ting Tings

But I listened, as I always do, and was captured immediately. Jangly guitar, interesting chords, you know I can't resist. Drums and a peep-peep inserted and things were looking great. Then they started singing.

My first reaction was indignation - where did my guitar go? How dare they ruin such a promising beginning? But I carried on listening and slowly the guitar came back, they hit me with a catchy, rather electronic chorus and I forgave them. Have a listen to the Ting Tings and their first recorded song, Great DJ.

Okay, it's pop but I'm no snob. Let's face it, it's new, different and very catchy. And there's only two of them!

Did my homework and discovered that they're from Manchester, England, and they really do work with just drums and voice - a tiny bit of help from synthesizer but that's fair enough. I found an earlier song of theirs, the video taken from Jules Holland's show, and this was even better - earthy and punkish, clearly displaying the Blondie influence. And who doesn't like early Blondie?

Altogether, I would have to say that they deserve success. Although they may not make a huge splash in the charts in the States, I think enough listeners will cotton to them to make the release worthwhile. And, if they can mix more of that ragged, energetic appeal into the pop recipe, they could go beyond that.


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