Black Lab Connections
I make no apologies for the way in which I found the group Black Lab. The internet is all about connections, links and threads, after all, so it is entirely in keeping that I should first have heard the group's song, Mine Again, as the background music to a Sidepodcast video entitled Bulls Versus Lions. Lately I have noticed an unexpected coincidence of interests between music lovers and F1 racing enthusiasts; it happens in me so perhaps I should not be surprised.

Black Lab
Black Lab

A quick search in YouTube revealed that the group's most famous achievement appears to be the theme to the Transformers movie, a respectable effort but obviously constrained by subject matter to a rather melodramatic ethos. Further investigation revealed such songs as This Night and Lonely Boy, both rather angst-ridden and dark songs yet with strong melodies and very competently performed.

The short clip of See the Sun is considerably brighter and closer to what we expect from a Californian band. We hear the influence of misery-ridden British groups like Coldplay in some of Black Lab's music but, thankfully, it is tempered with the sunnier outlook of the West Coast.

And that leads me to another thought. Lately, so many of the bands that seem interesting to me originate in California; am I seeing a burst of innovation and new directions coming from the west or is it more that Californian groups connect more strongly with the history of music from previous decades and so are more accessible to me? I don't really know.

But, to return to the theme of links and connections and threads, I would point you to Chunter's site as an example of combining interests leading to new discoveries. My first connection with Chunter was through F1 but he is a musician too; have a listen to the nifty little Podcast player at the top of the right column and discover some very interesting experiments in electronic music.

Update August 11, 2007

Sidepodcast has pointed me at the Bumrush campaign where he first heard Black Lab. And that has led me to the Black Lab site where you can hear more of their music.

The internet is a wonderful thing, revealing all these unexpected links and connections!

first heard about them when they were chosen to front the Bum Rush the Charts campaign.

'widescreen' is how i'd describe their music and i'm a fully paid up fan :)
Date Added: 12/08/2007

Thanks for that, Sidey - I'd never heard of the Bum Rush campaign before but what a brilliant idea! Also, you've given me a couple more links that I can add to the post for those who are interested.

Widescreen is a pretty good description of their music, come to think of it. Encapsulates that full sound they have. Am really getting into the singer's voice too - he's good.

And you've given me another interesting crossover between F1 and music - seems like there might be something going on there...
Date Added: 12/08/2007

Thanks for the plug, sorry I've been a bit out of it.

At this writing, there are 25 unread entries in my RSS aggregator...

Best wishes
Date Added: 19/08/2007

Good to see you back, Chunter. You have some work in front of you, it seems. ;)
Date Added: 19/08/2007

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