Plain White T's
If you've been listening to the radio at all this summer, you've heard the chart-topping single from Plain White T's, Hey There Delilah. The song is actually on its second release, having originally come out two years ago. There's a good reason it's been given another chance on their new album: it's their best song.

Plain White Ts
Plain White T's

Although I find myself chuckling at song titles such as Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk, the song itself disappoints. I must admit that I am starting to cotton to the hectic beat of Hate (I Really Don't Like You) but both songs are part of the teen appeal of the group, and I am thankfully far from my teen years.

Hey There Delilah shows the depth and maturity that the songwriting of Tom Higgenson can reach. The melody is sung without affectation, the lyrics simple but charged with emotion, desire and dreams.

I love the catchy, rock n' roll songs and I think there is talent and potential in this indie band from Illinois. If the songwriting and sound mature and they can find more Delilah's in them, then I think they could be around for a long time.


I enjoyed the lyrics in both of those songs but I think they need to find a more of a unique sound; there are so many modern indie bands that sound just like that.
Date Added: 25/07/2007

I agree that the sound has to mature and become their own. What I see is that indie groups seem to be reaching back into rock's past when looking for musical direction and that is what, in a large part, makes it highly listenable.
Date Added: 26/07/2007

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